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Teavana: Chai Chai V’Kayam

From JTA: Having conquered coffee, Starbucks is now moving into tea. The coffee giant’s newest venture, Teavana, launched with a tea bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Starbucks…

Halachic Issues in Arranging a Shidduch

Because of the rash of ill-founded attempts online to hook up Jews, like JDate, JMatch, JewishMate, Jtrue, JewHarmony, Heebhookup, Sawyouatsinaitemple, Mustlovekugel, JShtup, JewishAdultFriendFinder, HotYiddishMaidel, MarryForMoney, SemiticSex, and many many more,…

Advanced Purim Torah – Enjoy!

Merkava Eliezer – Laws and Customs of Driving.pdf Shomer Pesayim- Laws and Customs of Pikuach Nefesh.pdf Haimish L’CHaim- Laws and Customs of Shidduchim.pdf