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Tragic Loss in Brooklyn Sounds Alarm Across the Jewish World

(Published in Jewish Journal March 27) During a time when we are preparing our homes and communities to celebrate the joyous festivities of Passover, a painful tragedy has muted our…

Nasimi Rachel and Yonah

Yizkor for Khojaly: Sharing Sorrow and Hope

On February 21-22, Pico Shul, our newly established spiritual community in Los Angeles, organized a “Solidarity and Commemoration Weekend” with local Azerbaijanis and the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan….

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Where God is Depends on Us

When children ask us, “where is God?” We usually tell them that “God is everywhere.” It’s a beautiful answer, completely true, but it doesn’t help when you are older. When…


Acting With Godliness

The Torah tells us in Parsha Mishpatim, that we are to “Distance yourself from falsehood.” (Ex. 23:7) No other transgression, said Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Przysucha, has this commandment. What…


Shabbat is Everything

Can’t wait for tonight. Candlelight, a bottle of Bro-Deux from Shirah Wine, fresh challah from our French-Persian bakery with a heavy dose of sesame seeds on top, some special guests,…

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Divide Over Kotel Prayer Highlights Racism of Palestinian Authority and Muslim Waqf

Jewish communities might be fighting about fair access to the Kotel, but what is missing from the discussion is Jewish use of holy places in Jerusalem. The Muslim Waqf and…