Candidate to Nowhere – Gov. Sarah Palin

Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. (She talks tough on abstinence but can’t teach her own daughter to save something for marriage)

She backed the Bridge to Nowhere during he run for Governor, and killed it when there was a public outcry. (Then claims that she was against it all along.)

She was Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. (We need another administration controlled by the Oil industry? Bush/Cheney is not enough?)

She allegedly had her sister’s ex-husband fired. (Denies any knowledge of course, but someone from her office called over two dozen times about the matter)

She kills large game animals for fun, but won’t abort a week old embryo. (Hunts elk and other things, but is as fundamentalist as it gets on a woman’s right to choose—there is none.)

She is being promoted as a reformer, but has nothing to actually show for it. (Sources in Alaska say that with the entire establishment under scrutiny for corruption, that anyone could have been elected.)

It’s not that I hope that politicians are better people than anyone else. (Often they are worse.) But I was surprised at the brevity of her career, her obvious opportunism, flip-flopping, and the many questions that are hanging over her. If she were to win with McCain, she has the potential to President of the United States. McCain’s ticker is getting old, and she is next in line.

At least in Sydney, they are not hoodwinked as fast as the American media.

On Friday, the day she was introduced as Senator McCain’s running mate, Mrs Palin touted her opposition to a bridge originally championed by Alaska’s most prominent officials as an example of her fiscal conservatism and reformist credentials.

“I told Congress, ‘Thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere’,” Mrs Palin said.

Prominent Alaska Democrats said Mrs Palin had supported building the bridge while she was campaigning for governor and reversed course only after opposition by fiscal conservatives in Washington, including Senator McCain.

“She was the only candidate who was saying ̵

6;We’re going to build that bridge’,” said the former governor, Tony Knowles, who lost to Mrs Palin in 2006.


At the minyan, people were excited that she had an Israeli flag in her office. Well that means she MUST be great.

This LA Times article is worth reading too…

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    LOL – love the last line. I couldn’t agree more; another example of how the neocons place completely unqualified people in high positions. A great pick for the Republican base, but not for America.

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