Brits have Left Northern Ireland

ira_1.jpgThe Brits have left Northern Ireland. They did so because the IRA put down their guns and bombs. The IRA quit when they had their backs against the wall. Palestinians could learn a big lesson here.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) – The British army marked a milestone of peacemaking Tuesday as it formally ended its 38-year mission to bolster security in Northern Ireland.

The military’s longest-running operation officially was ending at midnight. But the symbolic moment came months after the reality – no British troops have been on patrol on Belfast streets for two years.

As of Wednesday, all 5,000 soldiers remaining in this long-disputed corner of the United Kingdom will be committed to training for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere overseas.

Analysts and ex-soldiers are debating whether British security forces defeated the outlawed Irish Republican Army, which waged a 1970-1997 campaign to overthrow Northern Ireland by force. But all sides agree the IRA’s 2005 decision to renounce violence and disarm has permitted British soldiers to beat their own retreat…..


ligence agents eventually built a detailed picture of the IRA, and undercover army squads wiped out several IRA units in ambushes in the 1980s and early 1990s – a brutal strategy that Dewar credits with spurring the IRA’s cease-fire.

The Israeli’s can learn a valuable lesson too. No concessions to terrorism, and ruthless pursuit and disruption of the terror infrastructure.

Of course one can argue that the West bank and Gaza are not Northern Ireland. Its true. But the Palestinians can get what they want when they stop terror.

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    My Mom is from Ireland, and we have discussed the parrelels before, as well. The violence stopped when people were tired of losing their children and other loved ones in a battle that no longer made sense.

    Of course, you have extra layers of propoganda, horrifying poverty, and hopelessness in Palestine than N. Ireland has ever seen….

  2. rabbiyonah
    rabbiyonah says:

    Precisely the message that I had dreams and hopes that the Palestinians would learn.

    Lets pray for Israel and Palestinians to find a resolution such as N Ireland

    IRA SUCK DICK says:

    this is bollocks, the undefeated army my ass. The army kicked their ass and had it come down to fully fledged war weall know that the army would have owned. More people want to be part of the UK than not and if the ira don’t like that they can move down south.

  4. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    Ireland is a beautiful country and my father and his father and his father all fought the filthy foriegn oppressors so they would get out of our land, stop stealing our homes, stop killing our people, stop beating our women and get out. Israel is the number one violater of UN Human rights, did you know that? thats fact. The jews who are smart enough to leave, should. Ireland is free thanks to freedom fighters, if they are terrorists then so are the people of Ireland. the freedom fighters in Palestine have the support of the Irish people.

    israel should learn, when you are an oppressor, Allah punishes you. yes I am Irish (my family name is Irish and it goes back to the vikings) and I am a muslim, before the zionists the jews were a well respected people in the arab lands and palestinians and jews would babysit each others kids. They need to learn from the IRA and Michael Collins and de valera, that no matter how big you think you are, if you are transgressing the laws, you will be taken down, and the bigger you are the harder you fall. Allahu Akhbar, Allah is the greatest. israel is scum on the earth and a disgrace to humankind.

  5. Rabbi Yonah
    Rabbi Yonah says:

    So that you very much for your comments but they are mistaken. There is not immediate parallel – but if they’re were it would be something like this: The Jews are the Irish occupied by oppressors.

    It is inarguable fact that the Jewish people have had a continuous presence in the Holy Land for a thousand years BEFORE Mohamed and Islam.

    The Jewish people were conquered, their land stolen, most of their people sold into slavery.

    They prayed every day since that they be returned to their land. Some never left, and lived as second class citizens under successive regimes.

    There is no apology here – the Jews are the oppressed my friend, just like the Irish, and they want their freedom, their independence.

    The world granted that to them, and they fought for it – and now the Arabs want to return to occupying the Holy Land, and controlling its fate. They want to return Jews to second class citizens under Sharia law.

    We will have none of this – the Jewish people will not be subjugated under Muslim rule in their own homeland.

    The Palestinians – should they really want another Arab Muslim State – need to understand that Jews and Israel are there to stay. They are not leaving. They are not foreign colonizers.

    So thanks for your offer – but no thanks.

    Oh, and about Israel being scum – your words show that you are a man of war, not peace – a man of violence.

  6. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    You my friend are whats called ‘brainwashed’ even before coming into Islam I was on the side of the Palestinians. Number one under Islamic rule they have been living side-by-side with no problems until just after world war 2, when the russians said ‘we dont want the jews’ europe said ‘no way’ america said ‘not a chance’, the only people to actually accept the jews were the arabs.

    But where the problem started was the Zionists, who after ww2 used jewish sympathy to force a so-called ‘return’ for the Jews and so the UN decided to give the jews in Palestine 54% of the land whereas before the partition of the british mandate of Palestine they only owned 8%. Is that fair? is that just?

    The arabs said no to this arrangement and quite rightly so, as many secular scholars like Noam Chomsky will agree with me this was a spit in the face of the Palestinians. And because the zionist jews were planning this since 1917, they were well equipped to fight the native palestinians. The same people which jewish schools told students didnt exist! the old saying of ‘A land with no people for a people with no land’

    And so the bastard child Eretz israel was born, sadly, ever since then it has basically history is repeating itself, what Hitler did to the jews, they now do to the Palestinians.Take for example the West Bank. What was the first thing Hitler did to the Jews in Germany? He compressed the entire Jewish population into the Warsaw Ghettos and built a fence around it. He made it impossible for people to get in, and even harder to get out of, and now ask yourself, what did israel do in the west bank? they compressed the Palestinians into an area and built a gigantic wall aroiund it, they dont let anyone in, and they sure as hell dont let anyone out.

    We will take last January as another example when israel dropped thousands and thousands of bombs on the Gaza strip. Completely indiscriminate most of the people killed were women and children, and dont give that shit of Hammas uses child shields because it is a LIE. israel gladly blows up children and women, I have seen an idf TANK fire on 2 children throwing STONES!!! how on earth can you justify that? How??? How can you say that the number one violator of UN Human Rights is a justifiable state?

    israel is a disgrace to the world, it has the most technologically advanced military in the world and yet can make enough mistakes to kill hundreds and thousands of innocent people? That is falsehood.

    If a man stopped my car for 4 hours at a checkpoint while my wife was in labour, or my sister, or my mother and left her there, even though that man knew she needed a hospital, until she died, I would kill him. that is not a story, that is fact. An idf soldier stopped a man and his wife, who was in labour, at a checkpoint. and held them there for so long that the woman, and the child both died. for that, I would kill him.

    If a man comes into my house, and says, it is now ‘my’ house, or if a man stole my land, built a wall on my farm, beat my wife, my mother, my daughter and then says ‘this is Gods will’ I would kill him. and I tell you if you were in the same situation and you didnt kill him, you sir are a coward.

    I am a man of peace, but not passive. Palestinians have had enough. Allahu Akhbar.

  7. Rabbi Yonah
    Rabbi Yonah says:

    sorry that feel that way – you are completely wrong and full of misinformation – propoganda – lies. Not much to speak about because you invent history, and seeth with hatred.

    The Jews own Israel, unaplogetically.

  8. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    Prove to me how I invent history, my friend, please. How am I mistaken? the jews only israel but they continually punish the palestinians indiscriminatley, why? How on earth can you justify an idf tank driving over a 6 month old child? or shooting 2 women and 3 children, killing 2 children and one woman. Oh ye I forgot to mention the soldiers ordered them to leave their house, and then fired on them.

    Tell me sir, how can you stand by this?
    How can you say, God wants this to happen?
    That makes you worse than the soldier doing the shooting. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ no? tell that to Israeli jews.

  9. rabbiyonah
    rabbiyonah says:

    Your wild claims are fictions, invented by a group of immoral killers called Hamas. That people got killed in the war against Hamas in Gaza is undeniable. That Israel waged an unjustified war, that is false. Did innocent people die? Yes, tragically. But the blame lies with Hamas that has fired 5000 rockets into civilian areas of Israel, kidnapped Gilad Shalit, launched suicide raids into Israel to kill civilians in restaurants and night clubs. Hamas is guilty. Hamas bears the sin of the innocent blood. Not Israel, Sir. Not the Jews.

    Thou shalt not kill in the bible refers to acts murder. Defending peoples lives in Israel, fighting your enemies, this is not murder.

  10. Eoin Whelan
    Eoin Whelan says:

    You havent proved how I invented history my brother? how did I invent history? Hammas fired 5,000 rockets? no way! well what do you bloody well expect you idiot, if you collectively punish a people and try to systematically wipe them off the face of the earth(All of which israel is doing and has done and I can prove it) they will fire whatever the bloody hell they have at you. Thats what we, the Irish, did and we were labeled terrorists. Thats what Nelson Mandella did and HE was labeled a terrorist. Seems to me like history repeating itself…..

  11. Rabbi Yonah
    Rabbi Yonah says:

    The Irish were terrorists. The IRA, by killing innocent people, people they disagreed with, who looked at them the wrong way – they are terrorist.

    Nelson Mandela when his ANC party was using violence, was a terrorist. Yes, the man was a terrorist.

    Arafat – Terrorist too.

    So if you prefer to ignore facts, are the piles of scrap rockets just created by Israeli artisans out of work?

    The document barrage of rockets on Sderot and other towns just a creation of the Israelis?

    The collective punishment is being meted out by HAMAS — Israel gave the Gaza Strip to the PA. Gave it to them, only to see it become an Islamic Totalitarian Nightmare.

  12. j redman the 3rd
    j redman the 3rd says:

    thats right we were terrorists in our own land which dems us gurilla soldiers, we are what we are and that bloody moron at the top is just a damn bloody fool, the english sent in the black and tans, the english special forces and they ran like the rest of the army with there tails in between their legs… as far as this muslim/jew fight on here…. watch deadliest warrior ira defeats the taliban lol just saying

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