Blogrolls That i plan to add, when i have a moment.

  • Annabel Lee
  • Chayyeisarah
  • daily jews
  • Dry Bones
  • if i forget thee
  • israellycool
  • JDaters Anonymous
  • jewschool
  • Judapest
  • Keeping Kosher
  • Kosher Blog
  • Kosher Eucharist
  • new zionist
  • on the face
  • Patio Pundit
  • punks of zion
  • redheaddedjewishgirl
  • Renegade Rebbetzin
  • Rushkoff
  • Sweet Rose
  • The Pig of Death
  • the view from here
  • Town Crier
  • Unsealed Room
  • urban kvetch
  • yada yada yada
  • yuppies of zion
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    1. Jason Silverman
      Jason Silverman says:

      Shalom- I would love for you to include my blog on your site. Im a conservative Jew from Detroit-area and I love to read your blog. I just started blogging last month and Im having a great time. Please check out my blog and e-mail me back. It’s amazing that I found your site because I plan on moving to Del-Mar in 6-months and I would love to find out information about Jewish contacts in San Diego. I will need a Temple to attend and I would also love to find a rabbi that I like. Thanks for your time.
      Yahuda Silverman
      The Sports Meshugenuh

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