Blogging from the Motor City

July 7th we arrived in Detroit. My hometown. We just flew here to visit my grandmother and family after a year hiatus. Arriving at Metro airport today is a whole other world. It the old days we straggled down long and dilapidated corridors of Detroit’s old terminal. A terminal so ugly, that even casual acquaintances made references that this was the ugliest airport they ever saw. Not only was impractical for all but the long-distance marathon runners. The distance between counter and gate could not be covered in a mere jaunt, but required an entire expedition.

Today however, as part of the gigantic effort to revitalize the city, this terminal has been replaced by the ultra modern MacNamara Terminal, or Northwest Airline’s Worldport as they care calling it. One leaves the plane and walks a few feet to an automated raised tram that feels like the set of Willy Wonka. You run along these tracks high over the heads of the passengers standing in lines for difference gates.

The only problem is that the place is a maze of elevators and walkways and escalators. It is impossible to go from the baggage claim directly for example to the rental car area without the use of two elevators (if you are anything other than a business traveler without bags. The elevators are just two, and the wait is great. So there we are waiting for the elevators for five ten minutes, then looking for another elevator, and then another, and finally we arrived at the place.

But now that we have done it once I imagine that it will

be easier the way back.

All this is to say that I am sorry we have not had many posts, but we are virtually sealed off from the outside world at my aunt and uncles technologically challenged home. They don’t even have dialup. I haven’t had a chance to run to a Starbucks. Just now as we arrive at the home of my old friend Mark’s in Oak Park, do I have a chance to write down a few words.

Gut Shabbos!

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