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Who Is A Jew?

I was on a panel recently with a representatives of Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism. In front of us sat 300 teenagers and their parents. We were to answer several fundamental questions. 1) What happened on Mt. Sinai? and 2) Who is a Jew? You can guess what everyone said about Sinai. “If the Jews […]

Practical Ways of Defending Chanukah

I remember as a child the inundation of X-Mas Spirit after Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Already in the parade, an air of X-Mas was apparent. But no one dared to declare the start of X-Mas marketing till the gravy had congealed, and the stuffing demolished. Sadly those days are gone. As I walked into a […]

Don’t Let The JuBu’s Fool Ya…Buddhism is Treif

Recently the Forward published at article called “The Buddha From Brooklyn,” about Jeff Miller, AKA Surya Das. The article’s author wrote: “In a way, Surya Das’s Buddhist teaching is actually very Jewish.â€? And with that, I had to break my silence about Buddhism. In discussions about the nature of Jewish life at the turn of […]

Adkins An Anti-Semite?

It seems that American’s love affair with the Bagel are over. Low-carb diet fettish has proven that people want skinny legs and not skinny onion sticks. They want flat abs, not round everything’s. What will become of an America denuded of bagels? Where will hungry Jews have brunch? Could it be that this is the […]