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Faith In Kashrut After PETA

I received the following letter from a student after PETA released a video of allegedly faulty kosher practices in Iowa. They have filed suit in state court to halt slaughter at the nations largest kosher slaughter facility. Hi Rabbi, I wish I had more time to talk to you about ‘happier’ things, but I just […]

What IS the Meaning of Chanukah?

“Chanukah is the festival of lights…â€? begins Adam Sandler in his now famous Chanukah Song and movie. The real story of Chanukah —spelled phonetically with a guttural “châ€?— could be a blockbuster on its own merits! It all began when Antiochus IV, who ruled part of Alexander the Great’s fragmented empire, ordered Jews—under penalty of […]

Who Is A Jew?

I was on a panel recently with a representatives of Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism. In front of us sat 300 teenagers and their parents. We were to answer several fundamental questions. 1) What happened on Mt. Sinai? and 2) Who is a Jew? You can guess what everyone said about Sinai. “If the Jews […]

Practical Ways of Defending Chanukah

I remember as a child the inundation of X-Mas Spirit after Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Already in the parade, an air of X-Mas was apparent. But no one dared to declare the start of X-Mas marketing till the gravy had congealed, and the stuffing demolished. Sadly those days are gone. As I walked into a […]