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Jenin Jenin Was a Fake, Its Official

Some of you may know that we created a web site to fight against the film Jenin Jenin. The site, called MyJenin.com, has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. We connect people to articles about the truth to combat many of the lies in the film. Today, the story broke that the man responsible for […]

Let Us Ring The Bell of Freedom of MLK

Time for some tough talk from a Rabbi. I’m sick of hearing anti-Martin Luther King day kvetching from talking heads on radio and TV. Attempts to de-legitimize the holiday by focusing on allegations of MLK’s impropriety usually dominate the reactionary, empty-headed, mouthpieces that pass for cultural and political criticism today. I have heard some go […]

Just Following Orders

A man is ordered to do a heinous act. Then when caught, he blames others. It is an old saga, and as I heard the defense on the Abu Ghraib Torture Case, it sent shivers down my spine. Spc. Charles Graner, who bears no regrets over the matter it appears, did the bidding of his […]