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Just Following Orders

A man is ordered to do a heinous act. Then when caught, he blames others. It is an old saga, and as I heard the defense on the Abu Ghraib Torture Case, it sent shivers down my spine. Spc. Charles Graner, who bears no regrets over the matter it appears, did the bidding of his […]

Living Up To Our Potential – Life After The Tsunami

Amidst tragedy and devastation there are stories that glow with hope and optimism. The outpouring of aid is the greatest ever. More countries are helping more people than ever before, cutting across political, religious and social boundaries. While I have been lodged in despair, adrift in articles about the tsunami, and the victims, I have […]

JMERICA Posts Rabbi Yonah

Dear JMERICA, Thank you for the very special accolade, “Arguably the coolest campus rabbi ever.” I am also a huge fan of what you are doing and look forward to staying connected. Best wishes and Good Shabbos Rabbi Yonah