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The Holy Chutzpah of Saving Lives: My Recommendations to the Community

By keeping restriction on meetings we are fulfilling the mitzvah of saving a life, Hatzalah Nefeshos. When we follow health regulations we are doing a mitzvah. By Rabbi Yonah Bookstein Along with many of other rabbis in Los Angeles, I have signed a second rabbinic letter asking our communities to adhere to county public health […]

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Back on The Air

It’s fun to be back on the air. It’s been a long time since my radio show at Cranbrook high school. I have amazing memories of bringing my records every other week to play during the radio show. We transmitted about one mile from the basement of the dorms. Later at Long Beach Hillel with […]

My Yom Haatzmaut Prayer for 5780

Thank you God for Israel. Thank you God everyday for the miracle of Israel that my ancestors longed and prayed for. Thank you for the miraculous salvation and the start of the Great redemption of Israel and the world. God, protect the defenders of our Sacred land armed with rifles and prayer books. Protect Israel from baseless […]