Amazon Selling Nazi Memorabilia

lighterDespite controversy in 2008 over Nazi memorabilia for sale on Amazon’s website – including t-shirts that praised Nazi leaders — it seems that some of this sick stuff has surfaced again. You can pick up a Nazi lighter and Nazi flags. This goes against Amazon’s stated policy regarding offensive material, “Amazon reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings posted to our site.”


Nazi lighter product description:

Don’t pay a ridiculous price for a wind-proof lighter, this premium crafted Get The Edge German WWII lighter gives you the quality craftsmanship you’ve come to enjoy at a bottom-line price. Packaged in custom gift tin.

It even comes in a custom “Get the Edge” tin. All these items are camouflaged as German WWII memorabilia. There are some other nifty Nazi stuff too.
It’s surprising that a reputable retailer like Amazon would peddle Nazi merchandise. Amazon could institute policies that prevent this kind of racist merchandise. If Bud K – the distributor of these lighters –  wants to keep selling them, that is Bud K’s choice. But one of the largest companies in America should know better.
NewEgg and Sears once carried them but they say they are currently out of stock.