Allen and Deanna Alevy
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the support of The Deanna and Allen Alevy Family Foundation. The Alevy’s are pioneers and visionaries who have supported countless projects to help the Jewish people over the last 30 years.Since our partnership started in 2004, the Alevy’s have supported my work with young adults, college students, and the community at large in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County. Their support for Jewlicious Festivals, Shabbat Tent, and other projects is making a huge difference in the future of the Jewish community. 

Adam and Gila Milstein
The Milstein Family has stood steadfast in their support for Jewlicious Festival, Camp Jewlicious and other projects. They are visionaries who are just talking about problems – but doing something. They support many causes including: fighting assimilation, creating campus leaders, support for Israel, and Jewish life and culture. I am very grateful for their support, advice and encouragement.

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  1. Is that Denah Bookstein of Berkeley, CA??

  2. Dovid Shmuel Irwin, M.D.

    Could you possibly tell me the mailing address of Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, the Gateshead Rav? I have tried many sources and have not yet been successful. I have a project that I would like to start that I’d like to get his opinion on.
    Thank you.
    Dovid Shmuel Irwin, M.D.

  3. Michael Bram, Chaplain, Capt USAF

    27-29 Grasmere Street West
    Gateshead NE8 ITS United Kingdom

    His office # is 001-44-191-477-1847
    The flier he handed out in Monsey on Purim says he’s available from 11-12pm UK time, but I he told me he’s in his office from about 5-12 pm.
    His email is

  4. Linda Fleck Klafter

    This is the only way I could locate your name. You must say kadish for your brother.
    Linda Fleck Klafter

  5. BS”D

    Dear sir,

    You have published an invite to join a Carlebach birth right trip in 2008 for members of Carlebach communities in the US. I am looking for those community’s do you know of a listing of all Carlebach minyanim in the United States ?

    Kind Regards

    ps: For safety questions… I am a member of an orthodox Jewish community and I’d be happy to provide references.

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