6 Major Falsehoods About the UN Vote for Palestine

It’s not my beat to write about politics.But I can’t help but put down some ideas in the wake of the UN vote to create a Palestinian non-member state status at the UN — like the Vatican.

1. This is historic: An Arab Palestine was created by the UN in 1948 with the vote to partition the British occupied territory into a Jewish and Arab state with resolution 181. This was rejected by the Arabs who did not recognize any Jewish rights to the Land of Israel.

2. Palestine was prevented from being a state because of the Jewish state: Palestine was never an independent state, and the that chance was scuttled by the war against Israel in 1948.

3. Israel will not recognize a two-state solution: Israel accepted the Palestinian partition plan in 1948 – thereby recognizing the rights of Arabs to state of their own. The Oslo accords created a two state solution. Most Israelis want a two state solution.

4. This will impede efforts to create a Palestinian state: The chances that this will help push forward or be against any peace process are unknown. Israel says no. The US and many pundits argue that this unilateral action may undermine peace efforts, however, it may put more pressure on Israel to create a solution.

5. This voted in the State of Palestine: This is no “Birth Certificate” for Palestine

as Abbas said at the UN. They are no more a state than the Vatican is a state.

6 This will promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict: The Palestinian leadership parade their bid as if it were a peaceful maneuver towards statehood. Really its seems like a bid for a future war. The Palestinians will argue that their armed struggle is legit. I foresee a huge increase in the number of attacks.

There are surely more. These are the biggest in my book.

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  1. Christo Benito Hajek
    Christo Benito Hajek says:

    If Palestine was never a state than how is it that I have photos of my great grandparents in Jerusalem, Palestine, with Palestinian flags hanging off buildings in the background. How is it that maps prior to 1948 outlined and labeled the region as Palestine. What, you think you zionists destroyed all the maps that were made before Israel was created?? And just because Palestine was occupied by the British, it doesn’t mean that it was not a nation of it’s own ethnic people, culture, history, language, etc.. The funny thing is, that when my parents lived there, before they were forced out of there homes by European Jews, they lived among other Jews that were actually native to the land and called themselves Palestinian. You see, there wereJewish, Muslim, and Christian Palestinians that all identified as one Nationality and actually lived amongst each other in peace, until British signed the Balfour Declaration, which called for the migration and takeover of the land by Jewish foreigners. Anyway, you should take down this propaganda.

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