10 Easy Ways to Get Involved In TIKKUNFEST

10 Easy Ways to Get Involved
By Noah Bleich, TIKKUNFEST Coordinator

There are lots of things you can do this Sunday (sleep in, go to Ikea, ponder the irony of saying “l’chaim” to life before we drink if drinking kills brain cells), but there is one thing you can do TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24th: TIKKUNFEST. Your contribution will change the way Angelenos see the Chood (Pico Robertson) and revive our beautiful neighborhood- all with just a shovel and a microphone. And, if you volunteer for at least 3 hours, you will get FREE admission to the after party with hundreds of other volunteers!

1. Click “YES” on Facebook!

2. Invite friends on Facebook or use more primitive tools of communication such as calling, texting, smoke signals, or if absolutely necessary, actual human-to-human invites (warning: may cause social behavior)

3. Join us to pass out flyers and talk to businesses on Wednesday October 20th, 9am-1pm…email noah@lagreenmile.com

4. Volunteer to help paint planters on Thursday October 21st, 5pm-8pm…email noah@lagreenmile

5. Email or pass out Tikkunfest flyers to your friends, family and enemies (mostly because it annoys them). Let them know they can bring their unwanted electronics, old clothes, and extra food to Tikkunfest even if they can’t stay the whole day. (We have them in PicoRobertson or Century City.

6. If you know someone who would like to sponsor a cleaner and greener Pico, have them email Noah@lagreenmile.com

7. Email us and ask questions if you are confused. We’d like to know why you haven’t clicked “YES” yet… my therapist calls this “sharing our feelings.”

8. Blog, post and add to calendars all over the web, from the LA weekly to LA Times

9. Did I mention change your Facebook reply to “YES?”

10. Don’t be late…volunteers are needed between 9am – 11:59pm. Let us know how you can help. The volunteer schedule is below:

Shift 1: 9am – 1pm Setup, distribut

e materials, registration, security, block captains meeting, decorations, food setup, security

Shift 2: 1pm – 5pm Cleanup, gardening, planting, graffiti removal, painting, litter pickup, sweeping

Shift 3: 5pm – 8pm Party maintenance, food, water, cards for troops table, security, serving, misc needs

Shift 4: 8pm – 12pm Party cleanup. (most likely done by 10pm)


What Does It Take To Fix The World?

For most of us, the attempt to do anything, even to just fix our kitchen sink, can be a daunting task. The world? Way too big and way too many problems. Right? Wrong.

This month marks Jewish Social Action Month. They idea is to take a month out of the year to really do something to fix the world. Not just write about it. Not just talk about it. Not just write checks from the comfort of our homes about it. We get out and do something.

There are so many ways to help out, and here we decided to be pretty ambitious. We are attempting to fix a whole street, or at least 1.5 miles of it.

We don’t have the capacity to fill potholes, or repair sign posts. However we DO have the tools and capacity to beautify the street and the neighborhood.

We will be filling planters and planting herbs and fruit trees. We will be picking up tons of garbage. We will be weeding the sidewalks and tree wells.

We might not be able to fix the whole world this weekend, but we can fix it one block at a time. Helping to make the neighborhood more livable helps improve our health, the quality of life, and gets people walking!

Don’t forget – we are collecting food, clothing, and e-waste at registration!

Sponsor a TREE or HERB planter in memory or in honor of a loved one!


Why Is This Party Different From All Other Parties? Vol. 1

When you throw a party you don’t need to write a detailed FAQ. But we understand that with a new thing, people need some more details. So here is the first in a series of posts with more details about the day.

Imagine a party which is not about hooking up, but about cleaning-up.

Instead of dressing to kill, you dress to get messy.

Instead of sporting nice shoes, you wear shoes that can take some punishment, or at least getting dirty.

Instead of needing to know people to get an invite, or just get in, you can pre-register, or show up on the day of, to be a part of it.

Instead of being impressed with how people dress, you will be impressed by how people work 🙂

Instead of painting the town red, see how many feet of curb you can paint red.

Instead of trashing the place, we will leave the place trashless.

You get the idea.

Beyond a service day, TIKKUNFEST is a celebration of service. Bringing together people under the umbrella of community service, social action, TIKKUNFEST features a romping concert, vendors, and good vibes. It is geared for young adults 18and over, but anyone is welcome.

TIKKUNFEST volunteers will gather at the registration point, be assigned teams, and spread out to complete a series of projects on 18 blocks of Pico Blvd. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to plant, paint, clean up garbage, sweep, wash, trim, and beautify the neighborhood.

At the moment, we are working on a few dinner options for volunteers. Make sure to bring cash or credit card for dinner.

This is a party with a purpose if there ever was one , make sure you and all your friends pre-register for chance to get a free collectible TIKKUNFEST T-Shirt!

Pre-Register for FREE at TIKKUNFEST.eventbrite.com

TIKKUNFEST – Repairing The World One Block At A Time

Jewish Social Action Month Meets Jewlicious Meets LA


Graphics by Jewlicious Festival Creative Director, Michael Mordechai


We recently were the benefactors of a very generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles (a massive post on this is in the works). Thanks to their generosity, we have been able to expand the offerings of Jewlicious in Los Angeles, including this past August’s Camp Jewlicious.

This month Jewlicious is launching TIKKUNFEST, a day of community service and social action culminating in a free concert for volunteers. Volunteers will spread out over 18 blocks of Pico Blvd. – aka The Chood – planting fruit trees and herb gardens in custom made planters, painting stuff, cleaning up garbage, repairing stuff, collecting clothing and food for the needy at registration, assisting seniors with stuff, a few other projects and promoting community involvement.

TIKKUNFEST is in support of Jewish Social Action Month and The LA Green Mile. The LA Green Mile began a few years ago to help clean up the section of Pico Blvd that runs through the most thriving part of Jewish LA.

How to get involved? Its easy! Volunteers just register here, and show up on game-day. You will get a free t-shirt and a concert at a local venue with an amazing band (details soon!)

You can also be a contributor by sponsoring a planter, or supplies, the concert, and the food. You can dedicate a tree or herb garden in honor or memory of someone and we will be putting plaques on the planters, and all sponsorships and donations are tax-deductible!

Your organization can come out for the day and be a part of a great project – email us for more info! tikkunfest@gmail.com

TIKKUNFEST is sponsored by The Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles, powered by JConnect, and with a growing list of co-sponsors and partners including: Progressive Jewish Alliance • JConnectLA • Uri L’Tzedek • Repair The World

Hope to see you on October 24th!