Top 100 Most Followed Twitter Users

With the recent revelation that Barack does not do his own Twitters, I was wondering who are the top followed folks in Twitterland. Notice that Twitter itself doesn’t have top position. No Jews in the Top Ten. Yet. This list is as of today – you can see all 100 top Twitters Found them here:

1 aplusk 4,025,573
2 britneyspears 3,847,812
3 TheEllenShow 3,802,272
4 cnnbrk 2,809,719
5 BarackObama 2,734,246
6 twitter 2,685,070
7 Oprah 2,667,284
8 johncmayer 2,665,558
9 RyanSeacrest 2,644,465
10 KimKardashian 2,630,590

Last in the Top 100
100 NickCannon 1,383,278

Sometimes it’s worth the few extra bucks to spell your full name

This man’s initials spell “SHMUCK” in Yiddish, and they are embroidered on his tefillin bag, and likely his tallis bag too. Thank’s to Fred Rothstein for this photo.


Eggs & Bacon (Lamb Bacon that is)

lamb bacon I have enjoyed now for the second time in a week the most delicious breakfast: Eggs and Bacon.

Now hold a second, Rabbi, bacon is trief! Or so I thought.

Jewlicious Festival veteran, and supervisor of culinary arts at the Festival’s VIP wine tasting, Chaim Davids, delivered to me as a house warming gift a package of his home-made Lamb Bacon. LAMB BACON!

Davids is the chef behind The Kitchen Table in Mountain View, CA:

The Kitchen Table serves California Artisinal cuisine with a twist: We are the only certified glatt Kosher restaurant in northern California. We dairy-free and peanut-free, and use only the freshest ingredients. All breads are baked on premises, and the pastrami and corned beef are cured and smoked in-house.

I have not made the pilgrimage to TKT, but those who have – including many of the guests I met at Herzog Wine Cellar’s Tierra Sur Resturant for the Lorne Mackillop & Tomintoul Whisky Dinner last week – rave in superlatives about TKT.

I came across a quote by Anthony Bourdain: “If you want to make people happy, give them bacon.” I get it now. The umami alone is enough to beg for more.

Thank you Chaim Davids, thank you TKT, thank you Rachel. Good Shabbos.