Israeli Product Pogrom at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s in San Francisco being vandalized. Will TJ’s press charges? Should they draw more attention to these folks or should they let this fade away.

It is surprising that the store employees didn’t defend their products. These hooligans march into their store and the employees sit so passively as if it was normal. Can you imagine if these product progromists walked into a Chaldean owned 7/11 in Detroit and pulled this stunt? They would be crushed by baseball bats.

Can you imagine if they walked into a mom and pop store selling Israeli oranges in Koreatown in LA? They would be running for cover from shotgun blasts.

I guess in SF the store employees were alerted to be passive and not risk anything

. Basically they were doing what they were told.

But why didn’t anyone else do anything? If they marched into our TJ’s first off they would have to deal with Dale, who would have punched out their lights. Then they would have had to deal with shopping carts whizzing in their direction being flung by angry grandmas. Perhaps a rack of cereal might have accidently fallen on their heads?

Not that I am in any way at all advocating any violence. I am just saying that this was a shocking assault and these product progromists picked their TJ target very well. If they had pulled this vandalism somewhere else, they would not have such pretty pictures, the camera would likely have been smashed.

Hat tip to Scott Jacobs

The race has just begun


We have come such a long way with all of your help and grassroots support in the UJC Community Hero campaign. Because of your daily voting, your caring and persuasive emails to friends and family, your Tweets, Retweets and Facebook status posts and shares, Jewlicious Festival is leading the pack as the current winner of the contest.

The race is far from over, though…… We need your help tonight and tomorrow for 1000 votes in the next 12 hours. With your help (and your friends, family’s, co-workers, and even the neighbor you’ve never met…..yet), we can secure a steady lead.

To paraphrase CK, a vote for me is a vote for Jewlicious Festival (where the entire donation will be received), a vote for Rachel, a vote for our kids, our students, the volunteers and staff of the Fest, Jewish life on our college campuses, for young professionals from LA to Baltimore, and all that is Jewlcious.

Thanks in advance for your time and support and remember to vote today, tomorrow, and every day until Oct 6.

If you are so inclined (and even if you aren’t, its ok, everyone’s doing it) feel free to forward this email on, vote well, and vote often!!!

Rabbi Yonah is our Hero


Guest post by CK from

Hi. I don’t want to be a nudnik. We’ve already written a number of posts about the UJC’s Jewish Community Heroes project. Thanks to your support, our initial nominee, Rabbi Yonah, has been in the top 10 pretty much since he was nominated. Rabbi Yonah as you all know, writes for Jewlicious, is the Director of the Jewlicious Festivals and is probably one of the main reasons many of you are even reading this right now. Rabbi Yonah and his wife Rachel have spent years working on behalf of the Jewish community in Poland and from their perch as Hillel Chaplain and Director in Long Beach have helped energize both the local community and untold thousands of Jews around the world – going above and beyond their job descriptions and giving freely of themselves in doing so. A vote for Rabbi Yonah is a vote for Rachel, a vote for their children and a vote for all that is Jewlicious. (You can see Rabbi Yo’s profile here or vote for him immediately by clicking here)

So obviously, many of us have been keenly following the voting, and by extension, the other nominees. Props go out to the fine folks of Chabad who have managed to vote in no less than 3 nominees into the top 10. These guys clearly get social networking! Props also go out to ROI who have a number of their alums represented including the #1 dude Ari Teman. But what’s really cool about this project are all the other nominated heroes, regardless of how many votes they do or do not have. These are earnest and ordinary folks from all across the US and Canada whose selflessness and civic mindedness have inspired others to nominate them. These individuals demonstrate that despite all the fears expressed by study after study and headline after headline, the Jews of North America have still managed to maintain a vibrant and giving community, in part on the strength of these heroes.

Look, I’m going to keep pushing Rabbi Yonah. He’s a great guy. I’ve seen him sweep garbage, I’ve seen him delirious from lack of sleep, I’ve seen him overcome obstacle after obstacle. I’ve seen Rachel sleeping under a desk, seen her open her house to over and over again to SoCal Jews. All this while never losing sight of their goals, never losing the smiles on their faces. Awesome. I want others to know about them. I want them to get at least some modicum of recognition. Rabbi Yonah will end this contest in the top 10 or else you can assume I know nothing about social media and community building. It’s not likely however that he’ll be a finalist, let alone the jury selected winner of $25k to be used for his work. We’re just not that kind of organization – you know we cuss, we’re critical and combative. We don’t make for very good poster kids… but by the time this is all over, we’ll help spread the word not just about Rabbi Yonah, but also about Eli Winkelman who inspired this project, Josh Kaplan, the coolest Federation dude ever over in Long Beach, Howie Silbiger over in Montreal, Cool Jew Lisa Alcalay Klug in San Francisco, Jewish Robot William Levin in Brooklyn, 17 year old DJ and Philanthropist Brian Brooksand on and on.

So yeah. Vote. Click on your fave heroes every day. On the right hand side of most pages there’s a graphic that says “get and share” – if you have a gmail account, use the email link and urge all your contacts to check out the site and vote! That’s it, I for one am done.

Divine GPS

[By Rabbi Yonah] —

Sometimes we hit a roadblock. We just don’t know which way to go.

I was called a few times this week with people facing huge, life-changing decisions. Life presented two paths and these paths lead in very different directions. They called me to ask “Rabbi, which path do I take?”

I often find myself facing such decisions and they don’t have to be life altering to be difficult to make. I speak to a trusted mentor, I speak with best friends, my mom, and maybe my magic lucky eight-ball J. But I am still stuck, I really don’t know which way to go!

In this week’s Torah portion, we learn one way to cope with these difficult situations, these huge questions.

We read this week, “Any matter that is difficult for you, bring it to me and I will hear it.” While Moses is speaking about himself, the Baal Shem Tov teaches us that Moses is also speaking for God.

When I am faced with a difficult choice and I don’t know which way to go, God says, “Bring the question to me. I can help you remove your personal bias, check if your motives are pure, and then help give you the understanding to know how to act.”

When I open my heart, really asking God for what is the way that I should proceed, God helps me to understand which way to go.

So if you hit a roadblock, consider using Divine GPS and see where you go.

Peace and Blessings, and Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Yonah

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