Jewish Wisdom for Business

If this were not true it would be a great joke. The author is using the widespread belief that Jews are rich, good at business, and smart to sell them a book about how we are rich, good at business, and smart. LOL. Ok, but really, I hope that there is some Torah in there – maybe the author will send us a copy to review? Maybe Larry read this book?

Levi Brackman & Sam Jaffe, authors of Jewish Wisdom for Business Success: Wisdom for the Torah and Other Ancient Texts (AMACOM/American Management Association (AMA) 2008), maintain the reason Jew are disproportionately successful and good at business is because of lessons, wisdom and teachings that come from the Bible/Torah/Five Books of Moses/Old Testament/Hebrew Bible that they learn from a young age and then apply to business.

Calling All Filmmakers

Lights. Camera. Jews! Calling all filmmakers near and far! Jewlicious will be sponsoring a worldwide Jewish film competition for young filmmakers. Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the winners. Keep posted for an announcement next month, when we will officially launch this short film competition.

The best films will be shown at Jewlicious Festival 5.0, February 27-March 1, 2009 and at other Jewish Film Festivals around the country.