Rabbi Simcha Bunim of P’shischa (Przysucha)

Today, 12 Elul is the Yahrtzeit of  R’ Simcha Bunim of P’shischa (1827) ben R’ Tzvi, talmid of the Chozeh and the Yid HaKodosh.  Here is a small Torah of his from kollel.org

Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Przysucha explains:

May my discourse come down as the rain…

The hallowed words of the Torah may be likened to rain.

While the rain falls we still cannot see the benefit it brings to the trees, the plants, and the soil. It is only later, when the sun shines again, that we can see what the rain has wrought. We find the same to be true with regard to the words of the Torah. While they are uttered, we still cannot see what they will accomplish on earth, but, in the end, all will know what they have wrought.

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Working Better Together

Those who know my wife Rachel, know that she is an amazing woman. A recent  article in the LA Jewish Journal, Rachel Bookstein: Working Better Together, has made this a little more well known.  It also reveals some steamy details you won’t want to miss. While I have not read through all the articles in this lengthy report, I imagine they are worth the read. I thank the Jewish Journal and Danielle Berrin for including Rachel, a 21st Century, blogging, Oxford educated, non-profit directing, inspirational Rebbitzin.

For the Booksteins, partners in building the Long Beach Hillel community and the co-creators of the popular youth-oriented Jewlicious Festival, work and home are completely entwined. More than rabbi and rebbetzin, they serve as a model married couple for hundreds of Jewish students. Unlike many of Bookstein’s rebbetzin contemporaries, her journey as a powerfully identified Jewish woman began long before she married a rabbi. She studied feminism in college and has long struggled with how to live as an observant Jewish woman in the modern world.

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Pro-Israel ads defaced in Berkeley

It’s not really a major schocker – Berkeley is not too tolerant. Blue Star PR & StandWithUs posters at Long Beach State have been repeatedly destroyed for the last four years.

This poster is currently on display at prominent bus stop locations around UC Berkeley. It is unfortunate that a design featuring an Israeli-Arab Muslim soccer player praising coexistence should be considered threatening by anti-Israel extremists.

Israel haters apparently think that defacing a poster featuring an Arab athlete advocating coexistence earns them points among liberal college students. We seriously doubt it. What do you think?

BlueStarPR posters are currently hanging in the following bus shelters around UC Berkeley:

Bancroft Way/ Telegraph Ave
Bancroft Way / Dana St
Bancroft Way /Telegraph Ave
Durant Ave / Telegraph Ave
Telegraph Ave/ Dwight Way
Telegraph Ave/ Parker St
University Ave / San Pablo
University Ave / Shattuck Ave

FYI – The defaced ad is being cleaned up today.

Palin makes Alaskans pay for her kids travel

I love my kids. I would love to bring them with me on trips. I hate leaving them alone.  But I don’t expect the money I raise for my work to pay for my kids travel!. I am sure we will see MANY more cases of Palin’s so-called fiscal responsibility and cutting out waste.

Palin expensed her children’s air travel to the state

ANCHORAGE — Since Gov. Sarah Palin took office nearly two years ago, the state of Alaska has routinely bought commercial airline tickets for her daughters when they travel with her, a practice that raises questions about the governor’s claim to being a fiscal conservative.

Travel records from the governor’s office show that the state has spent at least $31,800 on dozens of airline tickets for the family, and more for meals and hotels.

Records show the family has traveled with Palin for events such as the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks last fall and to shoot official first family photos in Juneau, to draw raffle tickets at an event in Anchorage and to tour a teen center spearheaded by the Juneau Christian Center.

There’s no specific state law or rule that says the state pays for family members to travel to events with the governor, but it’s become tradition, according to Linda Perez, director of administrative services for the governor. The governor’s spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, said paying the family’s travel expenses is appropriate because people expect Palin to bring her husband and children along. Read more