Chasidic Insight of the Day: Levels of faith

Based on the verse in Deuteronomy Ch. 11, v. 26,27: “R’ei onochi nosein lifneichem ha’yom brochoh ukloloh, Es habrochoh asher tish’m’u” –
There are two levels of faith. One is acquired by intellectual pursuit, an attempt at understanding to the fullest of one’s capacity. This is called “r’ioh,” seeing.

A second level is that of “emunoh f’shutoh,” simple faith, based on accepting the values transmitted by our parents and teachers, acquired through hearing what they teach us. This is called “shmioh,” hearing.

Although there is a blessing in the intellectual approach in that it

gives one a grasp of understanding, it is likewise fraught with the danger of possibly denying, since it is based on intellect, since there is the possibility of counter-logic, rebuttal, that might seem sounder. Hence “r’ei” has in it “brochoh ukloloh [blessing and curse],” while “asher tish’m’u [that you will hear]” only has “brochoh.”

(Rabbi Chaim Mayer of Vizhnitz in Ahavoh M’shuleshes, astrasmitted byZvi Akiba Fleisher via the Shma Yisroel Torah Network. )

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Holy Jihad Brigades attack the Zionist Controlled Media

Two Fox journalists, U.S. correspondent Steve Centanni (R) and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, appearing in a videotape aired Wed. (Reuters)

Palestinians continue their violence and evil, threatening to kill two Fox News Journalists, unless America releases all Muslims from US jails.  We understand that Fox News is seen as pro-Israel, and also that according to Abdel Malik Ali, and radical Muslims in the US, and maybe worldwide, it is considered part of the “Zionist Controlled Media.”  Perhaps Fox was targeted because it is perceived as being Jewish or pro-Israel?

This would sound like something out of Monty Python, if in fact it were not so sad and tragic.  The whole communique is absurd and cryptic, out of some second rate Hollywood movie.

And thy have to start a new group? What Hamas and Islamic Jihad not “bad” enough?  It makes me sick.

A previously unknown militant group in Gaza on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the kidnapping nine days ago of two Fox journalists, and demanded the United States release “Muslim prisoners” within 72 hours.

“Release what you have, and we will release what we have,” the Holy Jihad Brigades said in a fax sent to reporters.

Fox correspondent Steve Centanni, an American, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, from New Zealand, were snatched from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters in Gaza City on August 14 as they were working on a story.

Perelman solves 100 year old bagel math problem

perelmanWe don’t know yet if he is Jewish and why he is so shy, but this Russian Mathematician has everyone in the world of math buzzing.

MADRID, Spain (AP) — A reclusive Russian won an academic prize Tuesday for work toward solving one of history’s toughest math problems, but he refused to accept the award — a stunning renunciation of accolades from his field’s top minds.

Grigory Perelman, a 40-year-old native of St. Petersburg, was praised for work in the field known as topology, which studies shapes, and for a breakthrough that might help scientists figure out nothing less than the shape of the universe.

COntinues the AP:  The riddle Perelman tackled is called the Poincare conjecture, which essentially says that in three dimensions, a doughnut shape cannot be transformed into a sphere without ripping it, although any shape without a hole can be stretched or shrunk into a sphere.

Hizbollywood 4: Cars that can survive missle strikes!

The following photos showcars that were “supposedly” hit by Israeli missles. The damage suggests otherwise. You be the judge. Would an Israeli missle leave the car in such good shape? I have included a picture of a car hit by missles in Gaza. According to blog Hot Air:cars more

That photo, purporting to depict a car hit by Israeli missiles whose windshield nonetheless remained intact, was taken on August 6 by Nasser Nasser — who was also one of the photographers at Qana. Here’s another shot of the same car showing that its grill and headlights are missing. Maybe scavengers showed up after the “airstrike” and stripped them. Or maybe they were stripped long ago, before this piece of junk was dragged out onto the road and battered with something heavy in a pathetic imitation of explosive damage.

It seems that some kind of rock or machine was brought down on the top of these cars. There was no missle strike.

more cars


And last but not least here is a car really hit by a missle.  When Israel wants to kill a car, they know how.  Thank you AP and Reuters for your great coverage of the Hizbollywood war.

real dead cars