Brit Go Hindu!

I usually refrain from celeb fever, but this one I must point out. Brit Spears is going Hindu. Or at least that is what the rags in the supermarket aisles are saying…She recently visited a Hindu Temple and got dotted. The Beatles sort of did the Hindu thing too, if I recall… Its a good move really as the Kabob centre just wanted her money. As said in Kabbalywood:

Brit Dumps Kabbalah in Favor of Hindus

Brit, Hindu is for you. They have all sort of Gds you can align yourself with. They love cows and yoga, and reject materialism completely. I mean totally reject it. Their Holy Men give it all up and roll in the streets. Something that the leaders of the Kabob centre are not planning on doing. Unless they are rolling in their own bev hills mansions.

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Matisyahu Rocks Starbucks Moblog

Matisyahu rocks Letterman, rocks MTVu, rocks Madison Square Garden, and now rocks Starbucks. Recorded live from starbucks. (1 min 26 sec) CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
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Oprah picks Elie Weisel,

elie weiselHer last booked was panned because it was not so true. To make things more complicated, Oprah, the billionaire tv-goddess, has picked our very own Elie Weisel, Nobel laureate, as her latest book selection.

CHICAGO (AP) — In her first book club pick since allegations that some parts of her last selection were fabricated, Oprah Winfrey chose Elie Wiesel’s “Night,” a classic of Holocaust literature sometimes labeled a novel but regarded by the author as a memoir.

CANOE — JAM! Books: Oprah picks ‘Night’ for book club

I, too, am starting my own book of the month selection. November was The Rabbi of 84th Street. December was Lamed Vav. And for January….. wait till the end of the week, when Oprah’s bruhaha has died down a bit…

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