Seeing Miracles Everyday

There have been several articles recently that have piled up in the back of my brain. And listening to Matisyahu rap about the world and spirituality, it seemed an appropriate time to bring these articles to your attention.

Researchers have found:

Genes that control the timing of organ formation during development also control timing of aging and death, and provide evidence of a biological timing mechanism for aging, Yale researchers report in the journal Science.

In other words, the program in our genes that controls when and how we die is all wrapped up in our DNA. When you say someone has good genes you are not kidding. And could it be that people in different ages have lived for different amounts of time based on altered DNA?
And closer to home, the story of a man stranded at sea:

A battered, bruised and lucky yachtsman described in a tearful news conference Friday how he used his newfound faith in God to survive nearly six hours alone in the chilly Pacific off the coast of Southern California.

It was the 23rd Psalm that he said was his deliverance.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want….

You have to read these to believe this amazing story! And from another article:

A Newport Beach man who fell off his 60-foot powerboat into the ocean Thursday prayed and clung to life on a 2-by-4 bef

ore being rescued five hours later.

Craig McCabe, 59, was found shaking and hypothermic, his body temperature eight degrees below normal, when he was rescued by family and friends two miles off the Port of Los Angeles.

“Just when I was about to drown, my brother showed up,” McCabe said Friday.

And the most eloquent part of the story is, that if the boat had not travelled 26 miles into Catalina Island, no one would have known he was missing until it was too late. The chances that the boat would on its own pilot towards the Island, a speck in the vast ocean, is miraculous.

Shabbat Shalom

posting from my treo… worried about Israel with Hamastan next door… but it is almost Adar.. And that is the month that Haman’s plans failed. May all of Haman’s spiritual heirs be stricken with an incurable admiration and love for the Jews!

MUNICH: The Fools of Chelm meet Spielberg

clownThe Forward publishes a piece from a former Mossad agent saying the movie is a fairytale.

Laya panned it in Jewlicious for just being a bad movie.

The author of the book Vengence, the basis for the movie, says that the movie is not faithful to the spirit of his book at all.
In an interview with Terri Gross from Fresh Air, Tony Kushner kept called killing PLO operatives in Europe as targeted assasinations, and not acts of defence. Which made me think that ol’e Tony is showing his not-too-Zionist colors. CAMERA dug deeper, ouch!

Speilberg based his
film Schindler’s List on a book by Australian Novelist, Thomas Keneally. There have been dispersions cast on the story told in the book and in the film, insofar as it relates to Schindler. He filmed the Jewish ghetto the Nazis built in a different qaurter of Krakow than it actually happened, for example…
For whatever reason, that desire that Spielberg had in Poland when filming Schinder, was even more out of control while filming Munich. As the movie says at the start, “Inspired by Real Events.”

It is a lesson though. DONT LOOK TO HOLLYWOOD FOR HISTORY AND REALITY. Hollywood is a place of wonderous miracles and its greatest heros are the biggest masters of this art of them all.

Gefilte Fish Mantra

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