Holy Elders of Zion

Shimon Peres is Israel’s leading diplomat and politician. He just presided over a Israel-Palestinian Peace Soccer match in Barcelona, sponsored by his Peres Center for Peace. While Ariel Sharon may be running the show, clearly, Peres, as deputy PM has been heavily involved in Israel’s current diplomatic triumphs. Now both have left their political birthing grounds, and go it alone.

Peres is also responsible for Israel being a Nuclear power.

Vice Premier Shimon Peres is leaving the Labor Party, wrapping up a 46-year-long membership in one of Israel’s largest political factions….Some 70 mayors, heads of local councils attend [Sharon]’s first activists’ meeting since forming Kadima. Sharon’s backers say meeting ‘overwhelming sucess’
The news surfaced during talks with reporters in Barcelona, where the veteran leader signaled his intention to abandon the political house he dwelled in for nearly half a century.

So now, Sharon has left Likud and Peres Labor. The “new guard” are hungry for political influence and power, and the old guard just will not let go.

I remember my time with Peres when he visited Poland as Foreign Minister. He has a gift for language and charming he pants off of Europeans. He entertained the Polish political establishment as he does everywhere he goes. Sharon and Peres together represent a formidable political entity that Israel has not had in decades.

But what Israel needs now is UNITY. So lets pray, or at least this here Rabbi will pray, that Israel is able to be united behind a common purpose. I know that many on the right harbor resentment towards Peres and Sharon now. Whatever government wins though, we must realize, that Israel decides its own fate not only at the ballot box, but internally.

Israel is a place that is sensitive to internal unity or strife. We can loose everything if we do not find a way to be unified and strong and resolute that Jews love Jews. That is why our withdrawal from Gaza, while painful, was a kiddush

hashem, it was a in the end a testament to the power of Judaism, to our people, to our love and respect for the sanctity of life.

Judaism first brought this concept to the world, that life is sacred, with Abraham and Sarah. These prophets stood apart from the rest of the world to declare that there is One God. And this One God, does not need human sacrifices, but humanitarian love and care.

So, wow, I have gotten off topic, not unusual for a Rabbi. Keep the faith and keep on learning torah.


I am sorry. I published a piece about a speaker at Long Beach State and included correspondence that I had with someone about it. It was a mistake, and I hadn’t checked the piece before I published it. I have had a chance to reconcile and apologize in person. Hopefully I will not, even accidentally, publish anything here which might hurt another personally. The University Interfaith Center, my home at Long Beach State is a wonderful place with kind and sensitive people and I never meant to hurt the feelings of anyone on the staff. Thank you for reading.

The New White Paper

The British are once again talking nonsense, which sadly has major implications. According to a report in the NYTIMES, the Brits claim that Israeli policies in East Jerusalem are preventing future peace deals that the Palestinians will except. Hmmm.

EU: Israel’s E. Jerusalem policy endangers final-status talks

By Haaretz Service

The European Union’s diplomatic representatives have sharply criticized Israel’s policies in East Jerusalem, saying it is using settlements and the West Bank separation fence to create a “de facto annexation of Palestinian land,” American and British newspapers reported Friday.

The unpublished report warns that the Israeli measures “are reducing the possibility of reaching a final-status agreement on Jerusalem that any Palestinian could accept,” The New York Times reported.

When you guys figure out Northern Ireland, get back to us, ok? Jews have a right to live in all parts of Jerusalem. The Jordanians kicked all Jews out of Jersalem, they did not allow any Jews to live or visit there.

Feed Hungry Children in Jerusalem

This received today in my mail box. Please feel free to distribute.

From: Baruch Adler
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 11:28:21 +0200
Subject: [Jewish Philanthropy] Hungry Children in Israel

Dear Friends,

As of this writing we (Shlom Bonaich in Jerusalem)have been feeding
the children at our institution a hot meal every day, besides Friday &
Erev Chagim, the only hot meal most of them will eat that day.
Unfortunatly the funding that we received up to this point has run out
and we are urgently seeking new funding to feed 55 children at the
cost of $1.50 per child per day, 20 days/month. Can any one out there
please refer us to a source of funding?

Tizku LiMitzvot

Baruch Adler